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Commercial Cleaning

Service Description

A clean workplace is a healthy workplace. Every workplace is different, so we work with you to develop a customized cleaning plan. We help deliver a positive client experience by ensuring high touch areas remain spotless. What this cleaning entails; Restroom Maintenance; Restock supplies, floors cleaned, toilets cleaned, mirrors / chrome fixtures cleaned, doors cleaned, tile walls with disinfectant. Kitchens / Break Rooms; Countertops cleaned, outside of range hood cleaned, top and front of range cleaned, sinks cleaned and chrome shined, fronts of all appliances cleaned, general dusting, microwave wiped out, doors and door frames spot cleaned Offices / Whiteboards; Surfaces hand wiped, whiteboards wiped down, trash removed, floors cleaned, technical equipment cleaned as required Vacuuming, Dusting, Trash Removal General cleaning of common areas, hallways, waiting areas, supply rooms

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