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Day Care Cleaning

Service Description

We offer the best daycare cleaning services at a great price. Give kids the safest and cleanest environment to learn and play. Give your parents peace of mind that your company takes care of their children as if they were in their own homes. Let Barone Quality Cleaning do all the cleaning and disinfecting for you, so that everyday you have peace of mind that your kids and staff are in a clean and safe environment. As a mother my self my top priority is always making sure my kids are healthy and safe. What this cleaning entails; All high touch areas are disinfected with eco-friendly disinfectant. All surfaces, toys, desk, chairs are dusted and wiped down with eco-friendly disinfectant. All floors, carpets are vacuumed and mopped. All carpets, furniture are vacuumed and steam cleaned. All washrooms are cleaned and disinfected. All walls are wiped down and disinfected. All outdoor play ground area are disinfected with a fogger. All garbage is removed. All interior windows are cleaned. We also use a fogger disinfectant cleaner at the end of each clean to make sure we get rid of any left bacteria or viruses that are hard to see or reach. We also do custom packages.

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